This is my photo journal of our recent trip to Paris. I traveled with my fiancé(!!!) and two best friends, Abigail and David. I brought four cameras on the trip and found myself shooting film nearly the entire time. Film is unpredictable, perfectly imperfect and raw. There’s something about hearing that click - freezing that moment in time that you don’t want to forget. And gosh… there were so many of those moments on this trip…

We wandered cobblestone streets and nibbled on baguettes, walked through century old churches and stared at art I never thought I’d see in person. We visited the coolest jazz club in town, and the Eiffel Tower sparkled for us. We tasted incredible food and wine and picnicked in the Luxembourg Gardens. The flowering trees were just beginning to bloom for spring and there weren’t enough hours in the day for us. 

So here is our adventure in chronological order - I hope you enjoy Paris through my eyes.
Shot with // Canon 35mm + 50mm lens + Kodak film

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