alisa & jacob - sintra portugal adventure elopement

The first thing I found out about Alisa & Jacob was that they had an insatiable love for travel - and each other. 

As soon as they started dating they began traveling the world hand in hand, exploring new places - Jacob even proposed to Alisa on an epic road trip to Utah they took together (with the most gorgeous turquoise ring I've seen - see below). So it only made sense that these two ventured off somewhere exotic and new to say their vows to each other. And so fate (and some light googling) led them to Portugal.

I flew into Lisbon a few days before the elopement which gave me a little time to catch up on sleep, start adjusting to the new environment, and scope out locations. I met up with Jacob & Alisa the day before their wedding and we explored the gorgeous town of Sintra on foot, and got to know each other a bit better. They were both beyond excited for the adventure ahead, and after watching them figure out last minute details together, I knew they were the best match. The following morning I went and joined them as they got ready together at the elegant Casa Miradouro. It was emotional watching them share their giddiness with their loved ones as they facetimed from thousands of miles away. We sped off in a small rental car to the Monserrate Palace Chapel Ruins and met Jorg who was to officiate the ceremony. He led us down to the vine covered ruins and Jacob and Alisa chose a spot to say their vows. It was an intimate and joy filled ceremony, spotted with the occasional passerby, some bird songs, and A LOT tears. Then we were off on our photo adventure! We wandered the grounds of the palace trying to take in all the beautiful backdrops at our disposal, then decided it was time to hit the beach. We zoomed off in our rental, straight for the coast, but didn't forget to stop for coffee and wine first.. They frolicked across the beach and through the water as I captured their dance with one another. We ended our day at the coziest restaurant nestled into the cliffs, watching the enormous waves crash all around us. It was pretty phenomenal, and a feeling I know we'll never forget -